Main services: directional drilling of non-excavation construction, pipe jacking machine construction
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About us

company culture

 Mission: trustworthy, and quality, pragmatic, pioneering and innovative
Company goals:
Engineering quality first, the credibility of the first enterprises, the first management level, the first level of service
In the field of non-excavation of the domestic first-class well-known enterprises
Quality goal:
Unit project quality pass rate of 100%,
Excellent rate of more than 90%
Quality of construction projects to achieve national quality works
Quality policy:
Quality-oriented, scientific management, sincere service, the construction boutique
company spirit:
Tongxin, Tongde, with the efforts of the same honor and disgrace
Truth-seeking, refinement, and innovation, and development
Company philosophy: respect for customers, the best services, attention to detail, the pursuit of excellence
Corporate values: to lead the trend of the times, creating the perfect value
Paying Attention to People - oriented - Enterprise and Staff Develop Together
Adhere to market - oriented - to maximize the interests of customers
Loyalty to the company assets - work stressed that sense of responsibility
Advocating Learning Innovation - Deviation from Knowledge Center to Knowledge Capital
Employee Code of Conduct:
Dedication - is the fundamental cause of our success
Efficiency - the key to the promotion of enterprise management

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