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Shandong Kunyu Pipe Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999, engaged in non excavation construction has been 15 years, the company is the international society for Trenchless Technology and China Trenchless Technology Association member unit. In the non excavation construction process of the 10 years, the company staff to concentrate on studying, scientific analysis, accumulated construction experience a lot of problems have been solved through the various strata in the non excavation in the industry has grown into a professional and domestic first-class directional drilling construction team. The construction company with many years of construction experience, attitude, rigorous scientific management, in the major domestic long distance natural gas and oil pipeline construction, are subject to the owners, supervision and industry acclaim, by the international society for Trenchless Technology and China Trenchless Technology Association will be invited for the member unit. Company's existing staff of 210 people, including: a 10 registered architect, Erji registered construction division 11 people, senior engineer 10 people, senior economist 1 people, 1 senior accountant, Statistics Division 1, 43 engineers, 20 assistant engineers, 9 technicians, 12, quality screeners 10 etc.. Company registered capital of 12 million yuan, more than 8000 yuan of fixed assets, independent of the construction of non excavation professional qualifications, with more than 3 square meters of production and living logistics base. The company well-equipped, advanced technology, scientific management, high quality employees, is a rich experience in construction, tarawa.
Shandong Kunyu Pipe Engineering Co., Ltd headquarters
The company currently has a large horizontal directional drilling rig 6, a small horizontal directional drilling rig 2. Of which 500 tons of Shanghai Gudeng horizontal directional drilling rig 2 Taiwan (GD5000-LL; GD5000-L); 350 tons level Gu Deng GD3500-L horizontal directional drilling machine 1 units, 250 tons of imported German Plame PD-250/90RP crawler directional drilling machine 1 units; 150 tons of imported German Tiger HBR206D-150Z large horizontal directional drilling machine 1 units; 100 tons of horizontal directional drilling machine GD55100-L 1. GD800-L horizontal directional drilling rig (pulling back 80 tons) of a horizontal directional drilling rig, the United States DitchWitchJT7020 horizontal directional drilling rig (back to drag force 36 tons) a. I currently can undertake to expand the maximum aperture diameter of 1800mm, can complete the construction tasks across the length of 2500 meters. In view of the different length, different pipe, different diameter, different geological crossing project, we can provide a complete set of drilling rig construction.
At the beginning of 2007, our company took part in the battle of crossing Sinopec Hunan pipeline directional, Jin Jianghe completed, the new wall River, Shahe through the task ahead of time. The Jin River Crossing geological condition is very poor, the geological level for sandstone, conglomerate, pebbles, weathered rock and boulders, many domestic companies have to give up after the tour through the crossing project, that this does not have the directional drilling construction geological conditions, and we only 41 days on the successful completion of the project.
In 2008 the successful completion of the Yangtze River natural gas pipeline known natural moat of crossing project, the project length of 1535 meters, the geological structure of basalt, conglomerate, Sha Yan, and contains many stone fracture zone.
The diameter of phi 508mm, completed in November 10, 2009 through the length of 1607.4 meters in Poyang Lake and across Hukou, only 20 days, by the gas company in Jiangxi province.
In August 25, 2010 the successful completion of the pipe diameter is phi 1219mm, 114mm, a length of 909.4 meters of the west east gas pipeline (East) water diversion project 3 directional drilling (Luan Shi), is currently the largest diameter, the highest level of pipe material.
In November 4, 2010 completed the second west east gas (East) drilling engineering Shu River orientation, diameter 1219mm, 114mm diameter, length of 657 meters, the geological structure of rock and gravel.
In March 9, 2011 completed the project through Shangyoujiang directional drilling, the diameter of phi 1219mm, 114mm; length of 718 meters, the geological structure of rock and gravel.
Company since 1999 engaged in non excavation industry, has four times across the Yangtze River, the two through the Yellow River, two times across Huaihe, four times across the Haihe river. As of today I mainly completed the Pearl River Delta oil pipeline project; Hunan oil pipeline project; Fu Lian integration projects supporting oil pipeline project; Qingdao refinery Luwan pipeline engineering; Yulin - Ji'nan gas pipeline project of Shahe Rugao port directional drilling engineering; gas utilities Yangtze River Pipeline Crossing with directional drilling engineering; the North East Main Stream through Hong Wu (rock); vortex channel crossing; Sichuan gas pipeline project seventeenth tenders host Huang pen river crossing project of directional drilling engineering; South West Line (Chengdu - Naxi) drilling line project of double car directional (rock); Hong Kong River jujube products pipeline project pipeline; directional crossing project of Yangtze River Xishui River, natural gas (rock); the Yellow River, South - Ji'nan Anping canal directional drilling engineering; Henan Huaihe drilling project orientation; Shaoxing natural gas Using the engineering I phase and II phase, III phase I and II; South Pai River crossing engineering; Anhui province natural gas Tongling branch; Wuhu natural gas utilization project; I and II through the southern Xinjiang Railway Engineering; Laizhou Pingdu Jiaozhou gas pipeline engineering; Zhengzhou gas power plant high pressure gas pipeline; Beijing city the six loop gas pipeline crossing with directional drilling engineering; tap water pipeline in Tianjin Lingang industrial zone crossing engineering; Bian Tang - Yangjiaba Lake directional drilling replacement project pipeline; Hangzhou natural gas utilization project; Levin rubber gas pipeline project; the second west east gas (East) Shu River crossing; the second west the East (East) Shangyoujiang crossing; Shikong Lanzhou oil pipeline project in the Yellow River directional drilling engineering; Jiangdu - Rudong gas pipeline project (a directional port)

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